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No Regrets Decaf

No Regrets Decaf

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Crave a great cup of coffee without the late-night insomnia?

No Regrets Decaf is here to save the day! With its sweet and nutty taste, balanced flavour and - best of all - no caffeine, No Regrets is your perfect excuse to keep the coffee flowing, day and night!


Origin Country & Region: Colombia, Huila
Farm Name: La Palma
Farmer: Gonzalo Fernandez
Processing Method: Washed / Sugar Cane Decaffeinated 
Growing Altitude: 1450-1600 MASL (Metres Above Sea Level)
Coffee Varietal: Castillo

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Customer Reviews

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Ian Routledge
My brother

When I found that Daymaker donated money to the Down Syndrome Society I had to buy the coffee. The coffee is very good and I enjoy drinking my morning mug full. Also, my brother was Down Syndrome. he was born in 1961 and died in 2011. When I make and drink the coffee I always have great memories of my him.

Hello Ian, We appreciate you sharing your personal memory of your brother. The fact that our coffee ignites happy memories for you is motivation for us to continue our mission of supporting people with Down syndrome through the sales of our coffee and striving to be a daymaker for our customers.


Great bag design, can scoop heaping spoonfuls out without the seal getting in the way like other bags. And the decaf coffee is amazing.

Thank you for your feedback. We definitely had "ease-of-use" in mind when we were developing our package. Did you notice that it's also omni-degradable which means it will decompose completely in 12-14 months.
We're thrilled that you enjoy our No Regrets Decaf too!