On a Mission to be a Daymaker

We work hard to craft fantastic tasting coffee that maximizes
the sustainability of the local coffee lifecycle and to give back by supporting people in our communities with Down syndrome.

  • Our Coffee Roasting Process

    We love coffee as much as you do and we know how personal and essential your relationship with coffee is.
    At Daymaker we craft roast specialty-grade green coffee in small batches to release their optimal flavour while balancing body with natural
    acidity. Daymaker’s medium to dark roast styles are rich, full-bodied and wonderfully flavourful no matter how you chose to brew or enjoy them; black, sweet, with dairy or alternatives. Let our coffee be your Daymaker. 

  • Our Passion

    Coffee is an important, some would say an essential, part of
    your morning. Inspire your day with a fantastic tasting cup (or two) of Daymaker Coffee.  It’s craft roasted in small batches from ethically sourced specialty grade coffee then packed into biodegradable pouches so you know you’re doing better for the environment as well as your taste buds!

  • Origin of our Beans

    Daymaker is committed to supporting the sustainability of the coffee life-cycle.  This starts by paying a fair price to farmers for their high-quality beans through direct
    trade relationships wherever we can.
    We’ve met our Columbian, Costa Rican and Brazilian farmers which personalizes
    our role in this cycle. Finally, Daymaker packs its coffee in biodegradable pouches, unique from so many coffee roasters yet so critical for our environment.

  • Fantastic Tasting Coffee

    We start with sustainably sourced specialty grade arabica coffee and craft roast it in small batches to maximize flavour and freshness.

  • Sustainably Packaged

    We immediately seal our roasted coffee in environmentally conscious biodegradable bags that protect its freshness and then returns to the earth.

  • Our Social Mission

    We donate 3.21% of every sale to supporting people with Down syndrome to help fund life enriching supports.