Our Story

Coffee… an almost universally enjoyed beverage.  Many people describe it as essential to their daily ritual.  Some people say they don’t need coffee, they just love it.  While others consider it an absolute daily necessity

Daymaker Coffee Roasters was born out of all those reasons.  We LOVE the taste of a great cup of coffee (or two) that satisfies our taste buds, comforts our soul and inspires possibility.  We want our coffee to help make your day!

Our founder, Oliver Woodburn, has been influenced by decades of tasting experience... heck, he’s a professional chocolate, wine and whisky taster and educator.  It’s his passion that leads the way for us in roasting coffee that delivers our customers a fantastic cup every day.

From the start, Daymaker Coffee Roasters is choosing a path of purpose and service. 

We love the outdoors and we’re taking action to protect it by maximizing the sustainability of the local coffee lifecycle and eliminating unsustainable packaging waste.   

Additionally, we are committed to serving our customers and our community.  We’re doing this by helping people with Down syndrome through financial support for families and community groups.  Eventually, we aspire to provide meaningful employment opportunities for people with Down syndrome so that we can be a Daymaker for them as well. 

Our purpose is:

  •   To be a Daymaker for you through freshly roasted, fantastic tasting coffee.
  •   To be a Daymaker for the environment through our biodegradable packaging and other initiatives.
  •   To be a Daymaker for people with Down syndrome by committing 3.21% of sales to help fund life enriching supports.

Please enjoy our coffee and let us be your Daymaker!