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Cold Brew

Cold Brew

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Cold Brew coffee is the hottest drink going because of its amazing taste experience.  Not only will you love the deep, rich coffee flavour with notes of chocolate, vanilla and a hint of fruitiness but you'll be blown away by how smooth and easy-drinking it is.

That's partially due to the cold brewing process which creates a low-acid brew but it wouldn't taste this good if we hadn't carefully selected, roasted and taste tested dozens of coffees to create this Daymaking blend!

No matter the weather, Daymaker Cold Brew gives you a satisfying and refreshing, full energy kick!



Origin Country & Region: Brazil, Alta Mogiana / Colombia, Huila 
Farm Name: Eldorado / El Besuvio
Farmer: Maria Lucia / Julian Valenzuela Vargas
Processing Method: Natural / Washed
Growing Altitude: 1100 / 1675-1750 MASL (Metres Above Sea Level)
Coffee Varietal: Catuai / Various

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