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A Coffee Roasters Artistry: From Bean To Specialty Coffee

Ever wondered what unfolds before that first sip of your morning coffee? Brace yourself for a journey through the captivating realm of coffee roasting.

The Alluring Journey of Coffee Roasting: From Bean to Brew

Picture this: the sun has yet to rise, and the world rests in peaceful silence. But in a cozy corner of town, there's the sound of coffee beans embarking on a journey of transformation, dancing to the tune of crackling heat. With each gentle turn, it develops its humble exterior and the rich flavours hidden within.

While the coffee lovers await their morning ritual, little do they know of the elaborate process behind the scenes. But as they take that first sip, they're transported on a journey of discovery, a journey that begins with the art of roasting.

From Humble Beginnings to Rich Brews: The Magic of Roasting

In a coffee roastery, each bean is carefully roasted, unlocking its unique flavours. From humble beginnings to rich, flavourful brews, it's a journey worth savouring.

First things first, let's talk beans. Did you know that coffee beans start off as seeds inside bright red berries called coffee cherries? Skilled farmers handpick only the ripest cherries for harvesting. It's a labour of love that sets the stage for the roasting process.

Once harvested, the coffee cherries undergo a meticulous journey, from washing and drying to hulling and sorting. It's a delicate dance of nature and craftsmanship, with each step contributing to the bean's flavour profile.

The Beans' Symphony: A Celebration of Coffee Culture

Now, let's fast forward to our coffee roastery, where the real magic happens. Using precise temperatures and timing, they coax out the beans' natural flavours, creating a symphony with every batch.

But the journey doesn't end there. Once roasted, the beans are cooled, packaged, and ready to embark on their next adventure—finding their way into your favourite cup of coffee.

So, the next time you take a sip of that rich, aromatic brew, remember the incredible journey those beans have taken to reach your mug. It's a story of passion, precision, and above all, the love of coffee.

Daymaker Coffee Roasters: Fresh Roasted Sustainable Coffee

At our roastery, we prioritize precision and quality. Our expert roasters carefully monitor every stage of the roasting process, starting with sustainably sourced specialty grade Arabica coffee and roasting it in small batches to maximize flavour and freshness.

We believe in honouring the natural flavours of the beans without adding anything.

A Conversation with Oliver Woodburn, Founder of Daymaker Coffee Roasters

While some may seek novelty in their coffee experience, we remain committed to excellence, ensuring that each cup of coffee we produce is a true testament to the artistry of roasting. Oliver Woodburn, the founder of Daymaker Coffee Roasters has certainly influenced roasting coffee, giving coffee lovers a perfect cup every day. In this Q&A, let's talk to Oliver Woodburn about his passion for coffee roasting.

Q&A with Oliver Woodburn, aka the Coffee Daymaker

Q. What initially drew you to coffee roasting?

A. For many years, I’ve been a passionate ‘taster’ of my favourite things. It’s an interest that started with wine, then chocolate, and then whiskey. But actually, coffee has  been part of my tasting repertoire all along. When I’m passionate about something, I don’t just appreciate it for what it is, I like to go deeper and understand how it’s made and what the difference is between a lower quality and higher quality product. I’m also a really ‘hands-on’ person, so when I realized I could learn the art (and science) of coffee roasting, I was hooked. Knowing that the final quality of any food or beverage starts with the raw materials has allowed me to really dive into the specific elements of roasting and then brewing a fantastic tasting cup of coffee.  

Q.  Can you describe a particularly memorable coffee you've roasted? 

A. One of the most memorable “first times” was when I sampled an Ethiopian coffee from the Yirgacheffe region. Wow, was it ever unique in all the right ways.  I loved the aroma and the flavour and I immediately knew I wanted to roast it and add it to my coffee portfolio. Currently, I roast a natural process Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. It’s a joy to roast because it has always been so consistent and predictable, and it always develops into a beautifully bright, fruity coffee that’s delicious to drink.  

In general, one the most surprising and challenging aspects of coffee roasting has been dealing with the weather. As strange as it may sound, I’ve discovered that the weather outside the roastery, especially the barometric pressure, can affect the way a roast progresses. Through experience as a roaster, I’ve learned to make small adjustments during the roasting process in order to maintain a consistent result, regardless of the weather. There’s an ongoing question; Is coffee roasting a science or an art? I say it’s both. 

Q.  What are some flavour profiles you love to create through roasting?

A. Daymaker Coffee was created for coffee lovers by coffee lovers.  Our favourite coffees are full of flavour, not the flavourless brown water you get from generic coffee. There are over 1000 compounds in coffee beans, most of which affect flavour. 

As coffee roasters, Daymaker has to walk the fine line between developing positive flavours while minimizing negative ones; it's not easy. In the end, Daymaker coffee has a flavour profile which is complex, rich, full-bodied and nicely balanced, with more or less fruity and floral notes when they’re present in the beans. Our most prominent flavours are classics; chocolate, nutty, dried fruits and caramel. The kind of coffee that’s Daymaking!

Q.  Beyond the roasting itself, what's your favorite part of being a coffee roaster?

A.  Being a craft coffee roaster, I love the hands-on aspect of creating something that brings so much joy and happiness to people. Social connection is ingrained as part of coffee’s culture. Therefore, it's rewarding to meet and get to know farmers, the people who actually care for the coffee trees that grow the fruit it all starts with. The best part, however is when we have the opportunity to talk to coffee lovers and share stories about coffee and our Daymaker brand. When we see someone try our excellent coffee, their eyes open, a smile comes across their face and that’s the moment we know we’ve become their Daymaker. There’s nothing better!

Q. What advice would you give to someone who wants to learn more about coffee? 

A. There are many great books about coffee such as The World Atlas of Coffee by James Hoffmann. A more interesting approach is to talk to a local coffee roaster; the good ones love to talk about coffee and share their knowledge. The advantage here is that the roaster can ask you questions about how you make coffee, how you drink it, what you add to it and therefore can suggest different coffees you would like or that you should explore. 

So, the next time you have that steaming cup of coffee, take a moment to appreciate the organic coffee farmers, the land of origin, artistry and science behind it. Each sip is a culmination of a coffee aficionado's dedication, precise timing, and the magic that fire and time weave together. You can buy our coffee on our website and we ship all over Canada! So, enjoy our coffee and let us be your Daymaker.

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